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Welcome guest, to the Eightieth Arena Pack, the first Hunger Games themed pack on Wolf Quest. Please visit us and explore our site, or consider joining our ranks!


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DiA Requests
Claire Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 5:29 pm by Saffren
So if you are going to be away from the pack for a bit, then you need to request DiA (Disabled in Arena) so you will not be marked inactive.

When requesting...
-Please try to have an estimated return day. Just to keep us organized
-When you have officially returned from DiA please post here saying so
-You must at least give a brief reason for DiA, it doesn't have to be where your going and …

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The Pack's DeviantART Page
Claire Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2012 8:52 pm by Saffren
I have created a DeviantART page for the pack. Members can post artwork regarding the pack there! Pm me your DeviantART account so I can add you to the group. Members can earn Tesserae by posting pack related artwork on our page.


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Member Joining Dates
Claire Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 10:34 pm by Lanx
It's always nice to keep track of this, isn't it?
Whenever a new member or Sponsor joins, their name, username, and join date will be added to this list.

Grimthorne (Storm_Fear) - July 12, 2012
Kiyoura (Hidden Phoenix) - July 12, 2012 *Sponsor*
Lorelei (Arisah) - July 12, 2012
Rayen (Windripper) - July 12, 2012
Rouge (Gingerlite) - July 13, 2012
Claire (x-Rebecca-x) - July 13,

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Character sheet
Gender: Female
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PostSubject: Claire   Claire Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2012 6:33 pm

Name: Claire
Nick names: None yet!
Age: This female is 3 years old
Fur color: Tan
Eye color: Green
Where she comes from?: Canada
Built: Claire is tall and in a good shape. She is muscular and sometimes, her muscels will show when doing some type of random event.
Height: The normal height of a female wolf
Weight: the normal weight of a female wolf
Alliances in the Games: None yet!
Like a Star @ heaven Friends Like a Star @ heaven : None yet!
Evil or Very Mad Enemies Evil or Very Mad : None yet!
Unknown wolves: Everyone
Personality: Claire is a very nice and gentle wolf. But down inside, she has a deadly anger issuewhen getting mad. She can also sometimes be on the "flirty" side when it comes to males.
History: It was one day, when a she wolf named Maggie was in labor. Her mate, Noah, was laying down right beside her inside the den the pack had help built. Until 5 minutes later, Maggie, the alpha female of the pack, gave birth to 4 beautiful pups named Owen, Claire, Katie, and Michael. It was the best day of their lives, until 2 weeks later, when the pups had first opened their eyes at 2 weeks, they got to explore the entire den. At 3 weeks, they came out of the den for the first time and got explore the den area. They couldn't talk, unfortunately. Then, at 6 weeks, they learned how to finally tal and comunicate with the pack. At 3 months old, early the next morning, Noah, the alpha male of the pack was murdered. The pack woke up, only to find his dead body by the den. It was a complete sadness. The pack then all said some words about him (nice ones) except for one member of the pack, Michael, one of the pack's skilled Hunters. He remaind Anonymous, until Maggie came up and said. "Did you murder... Noah?" The tan fae said. "Umm no?" He said. "Confess now!" She demmanded, then started to get furious with him. "I murdered him because...well I thought it would be cool." He said, then evily laughed. "You moron!" Maggie said, then attacks him with such fierce, with the rest of the pack, until 2 minutes later, he was dead. The pack threw Michael's body into a river, until it suddenly drowned and dissapeared. The pack then later on buried Michael in the Meadow, where several flores where put on top of this hill that he was burried in. At 6 months, the pups wake up only to find the pack had gone suddenly missing. "Ill go look for them, you three, stay here." Said the bravest one of them all, Claire. She then settled out carefully into the Hunting Grounds, seeing all dead, except for two Black females named Sophie and Lori. They were really kind females. "Where's mommy?!" Claie asks them, until they come up and says. "Your mom passed away with the pack when hunting. A stampede of Elk killed them" Lori says, then frowns. "WHY?!" Claire bawls, with a loud sad howl. She then goes back to the den with them. Sophie then breaks the news."Your mother and the pack just got killed by a stampede of Elk." She says, then joins the rest into a sad howl. They stop. At 2 years of age, Sophie and Lori had left the territory. And The four set out on a journey. At 3 years, the four left eachother, until Claire was darted by Humans, and taken to a forest. ONe day during a storm, a nice human named Brad, found her and her in. Claire really liked him. Until 3 months later, Brad accidently tripped and fell in a couch, causing an old lamp to catch fire. Claire escaped just intime, with Brad's set of 100 Arrows, and his bow, with his backpack full of supplies. Brad had died minutes during the fire. Then tan fae ran and ran for days without stopping, until she found a place, with strange areas. Until she realised, she had found The Eightieth Arena Pack. She had heard of it for many many days.
Crush: None
Mate: None
Other: Will explain later x3
Referance: None
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